Expanded Market

Opportunity to have your name, company, property listings, and/or services made known across the state.

Engaging the Public

The Kentucky Real Estate Network has a name and concept that is easily identified with by the public. The Network's name well represents you as a professional in your career or business.

Exceptional Value

We want to represent you! In consideration of your needs, our rates are offered at a great low price. Our promise is to provide you with the all advantages but none of the tiered pricing structure that other services utilize.

The participation fees shown below are for one year. The subscription period begins the month that your application is approved.

Realtor Participant - $ 500

Business Affiliate Participant - $ 300

Public Membership - Free

To apply:

* Complete the application that corresponds to your participant type as either a Realtor or Business Affiliate.

* Complete the Payment Authorization Form to make payment by credit card.